Basic Excel For Basic Bookkeeping

Basic Excel for Basic Bookkeeping - an introductory course for those that are new to Excel and new to Bookkeeping.

Basic Excel for Basic Bookkeeping - an introductory course for those that are new to Excel and new to Bookkeeping.

In This Course You Will Learn The Basics Of Excel, The Very Basics of Bookkeeping, And How You Can Do Simple and Basic Bookkeeping in Excel.

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Course Overview
We will begin this course by introducing you to Excel, where you will learn the very basics. We will introduce you to a workbook and the ribbons, and you will learn how to select, enter and delete data.

In section 2 we will move into the very basics of bookkeeping, we will introduce you to the day books that you should keep and we will identify key details that you should record in these day-books. These day-books, prepared in Excel, are available for download, and we will use them in the rest of this course while we are working in Excel.

In section 3 - Excel working with data, you will learn how insert, remove and merge cells, rows and columns. We will also look at find and replace, hide and unhide and Special paste. After this we will move on to entering basic formula and some formatting.

Section 4 of this course - Excel Organizing and sorting data, will give you the opportunity to organize the day-books using tables, filters, names and data validation
Finally in section 5 Excel Analyzing data you will be introduced to Excels recommended charts and recommended pivot tables.

This course contains:

Notes to download - Available Now
Sample practice day-books - Available Now
Exercises to complete - Available Now
Certificate of Completion

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By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to record your basic bookkeeping transaction in Excel. You will also be confident in using the basics of Excel for almost any task. In addition to this you will also have the foundations to move on to a more advanced Excel or Bookkeeping course.

Intended Audience: Excel Users, Small business owners, Bookkeepers

Section 1 overview
Excel - The basics 1
Excel - The basics 2
Excel - The Basics 3
Section 1 review
Section 1 Activity
Introduction to Daybooks, Bookkeeping and Accounting
Sales and Sales returns day books
Purchase and Purchase returns day book
Petty Cash Daybook
Payments and receipts daybook
Section 2 overview
Section 3 Overview
Working with Data 1
Working with Data 2
Section 4 Overview
Organizing and sorting data 1
Organizing and sorting data 2
Section 4 Summary
Section 4 Activity
Introduction to section 5
Analyzing data 1
Analyzing data 2
Section 5 summary

quick and sharp

madhan kumar , 2 years ago

this course is perfect those who didn't know what is excel u wont disappoint...

Loved it

Mary-Ann Calvert , 2 years ago

Thank you for such a wonderful course, enjoyed your teaching style, the outlay of the course as well as the content. All the best!


Necol Smith , 3 years ago

This was a quick and easy course to follow. I will recommend to others to use.

Always Good to go back and see what you have forgotten to use

Shane Reilly , 4 years ago

The wy this is taught is easy but fast enough for someone familiar with Excel I enjoyed it very much

Awesome course

paula , 4 years ago

What's included

  • 23 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Paula Guilfoyle


My Name is Paula, and I am a qualified CPA with over 15 years’ experience in Accounting and Business. I have worked across a broad range of industries and levels of seniority. During this time I used Excel as my spreadsheet tool of choice, attending many courses and regularly updating my skills. It was my love for Excel that started my journey as an e-learning educator. As a manager and an Accountant, I noticed a skills gap amount Accountants and finance staff in Excel. In 2010 I launched with 1 course aimed at this market. I am now author and presenter of many online courses and can boast that I have thought over 10,000 students!

In addition to being an Accountant and an Online Educators I am also a wife and a mother of two, my youngest is 2 and eldest is 7. I currently work as an Accountant for a global company, which makes family life very very busy. I am always stuck for time, and finding a balance is very difficult. I’m sure all working parents understand the pressures involved.